Keeping CARAG Safe & Secure

South Uptown is a safe place to live and work, one of safest areas in Minneapolis in fact. Keeping it safe and secure is our goal and there are funds to help make that affordable for all. Whether you are a renter or home owner, South Uptown Home Security Grant Program can help you pay for upgrades to your home security.

Scroll down for guidelines and suggestions.

Enhancing Security

Some of the items below may help you eliminate opportunities for petty crime and theft.

Video Doorbell  (hardwired and battery)

Video Doorbell (hardwired and battery)

South Uptown Home Security Grant Program Details

Goal: Make physical improvements to increase neighborhood safety.

Grant Amount: Up to a $500 rebate is available to cover the cost of the purchase and/or installation of front and back of home exterior lighting, home security cameras, and new locks, security doors, and garage doors. Grants will be awarded on a 1:1 match basis. First come, first served. 

Home and property owners with residential properties located within the South Uptown neighborhood boundaries (Hennepin Ave, Lyndale Ave S., Lake St., & 36th St.) are eligible for this program.  Rebates are limited to one per property.

Eligible security improvements include:
1. Lighting
a. Usage: Lighting must be turned on at night.  Dusk to dawn adapters are highly recommended.
b. Light Quality: All fixtures must have either frosted bulbs or frosted globes or an indirect pattern of lighting.  Flood lights do not qualify.
c. Permits: a contractor licensed by the City of Minneapolis must complete any lighting requiring a permit.
d. Lighting Types: Wall lights, Landscaping/ yard lights, Custom lighting - Electric/ gas pole lighting, Solar Lighting

2. Security Cameras/Systems

3. Locks
Strike-plates of at least 6” and double-cylinder deadbolts with at least a 2” flash are highly recommended.

4. Door
Only exterior doors to homes (excluding screen doors) and service doors to garages are eligible for this program. * Solid core doors are highly- recommended.

5. Garage Doors

Grant Disbursement:
Participants of this program must submit the completed application form PRIOR to purchase and/or installation of their project. Upon receipt of a complete application, South Uptown will notify the applicant that they may begin their lighting project. Applicants will receive their rebate ONLY AFTER providing copies of receipts/ invoices from project-eligible improvements. 

Submit application: Online or via mail South Uptown 3501 Aldrich Avenue S. Minneapolis,MN 55408