CARAG Board Meeting Minutes - August 16, 2016

Monthly CARAG Neighborhood Meeting Minutes: August 16, 2016

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
August 16, 2016 Minutes


Attending: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Diana Crane, Colin Harris, Jay Lindgren, Tricia Markle, Nancy Riestenberg

Excused Absences: Cameron Conway, Brad Klein

The meeting was called to order at 7:04PM.


Introductions & Announcements

– Board members and attendees introduced themselves.


Agenda & Minutes

Motion, seconded to approve the agenda and June 21 meeting minutes,. Approved.

Bryant Square Park,

The polished concrete floors are finished with a new furnace going in soon with the possibility of air conditioning.
Contact Bryant Square Park at (612) 370-4907 for more information.

10th Ward City Council Update, Lisa Bender

CM Bender is working with the Planning Department to strengthen Pedestrian Overlay Districts on streets in the 10th Wards including Hennepin, Lake, Lyndale, and Nicollet. The goal will be to prevent car-oriented development like the recent Wells Fargo and Walgreens projects.
The City Council voted not to place the $15 minimum wage and police liability insurance requirement ballot initiatives on the November ballot based on advice from the City Attorney.
Construction on the W. 29th shared street project that runs between Lyndale and Bryant Avenues is underway and should be completed by October.
The Fremont Avenue bridge over the Midtown Greenway is now closed to cars because it is structurally deficient. Most of the Greenway bridges are historic and will need to be repaired, replaced or removed soon due to their age.

5th Police Precinct Update, Inspector Kathy Waite & CPS Chelsea Adams

Waite was recently reassigned from the 2nd Precinct to be the 5th Precinct Inspector and she highlighted her 23-year career with MPD. Waite wants to work closely with the community in order to report and prevent crime.
Waite met last week with many Uptown bar and restaurant owners to discuss ways to address traffic and issues stemming from alcohol use.
Adams brought year to date crime statistics for CARAG. She noted that robberies in the neighborhood are up- especially of men.

NRP Implementation Committee, Jay Lindgren

The BSP playground construction will begin in late August and is expected to be completed this fall. The wading pool and BSP recreation center roof replacements need to be delayed until 2017 because bids came in over budget.
Lindgren noted that members of the NRP committee have been meeting with nonprofits that help create affordable and supportive housing. The group is proposing to reallocate funding from the home loan programs that are not being utilized to initiate a project in CARAG. “Plan Modification
“Reallocate $200,000 from Phase 2 Action Plan Strategy 3.1.1 Residential Improvements (1-10 Unit) by moving Phase 1 Strategy 5.1 Cycle of Life Housing to the Phase 2 Action Plan.” The funds will be utilized to create affordable and supportive housing in and around CARAG.”. The change will also add the language “in and around CARAG” to the 5.1 Cycle of Life Housing strategy. The funds will be utilized to create affordable and supportive housing in and around CARAG.”. Motion, Seconded to approve the Plan Modification. Approved.

Nominations for the CARAG Board of Directors

The following neighbors were nominated for the CARAG Board of Directors: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Diana Crane, Colin Harris, Brad Klein, Jay Lindgren, Tricia Markle, Clark Olson, and Nancy Riestenberg. Additional nominations will be taken at the CARAG Annual Meeting on September 20 prior to elections.

Livability & Engagement Committee, Tricia Markle

Bryant Square Park and CARAG are sponsoring the Outdoor Movie in the Park featuring “Jurassic World” on August 18. The final concert, food trucks, and fun activities are also planned that evening.
The BSP Mosaic Celebration & Unveiling is scheduled for Sunday, September 25, 1-3pm at the BSP recreation Center.

Treasurer’s Report, Brad Klein/ Scott Engel

The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account balances and register reports will be available for review next month. 3rd quarter reports were available.
Proposed fiscal year 2017 budgets for the NRP and Operations accounts were available for review and comment. They must be voted upon during the CARAG Annual Meeting according to CARAG Bylaws.
Engel noted that a mosaic maintenance fundraising campaign will begin in September as the project Celebration & Unveiling approaches. CARAG has an agreement with MPRB to maintain the mosaic panels and keep a fund of about $1,000 on hand in case of damage.
Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:30PM.