CARAG Board Meeting Minutes - January 17, 2017

Monthly CARAG Neighborhood Meeting Minutes: January 17, 2017

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
January 17, 2017 Minutes

Attending: Blake Bailes, Diana Boegemann, Ginny Buran, Colin Harris, Brad Klein, Jay Lindgren, Tricia Markle, Nancy Riestenberg

Excused Absences: Diana Crane

The meeting was called to order at 7:03PM.

Introductions & Announcements

– Board members and attendees introduced themselves.


Agenda & Minutes

Motion, seconded to approve the agenda and November 15 meeting minutes,. Approved.

Bryant Square Park, Jason Green

MPRB will seek bids soon to reconstruct the wading pool. Green requested that there is communication about the project schedule and that the pool be open for at least part of the summer.
Green has been suffering with pain caused by spine problems and expects to have surgery at the end of February or early March. So, he will be away for much of the next few months recovering.
“The Secret Life of Pets” movie will be shown on Saturday, August 26.
Contact Bryant Square Park at (612) 370-4907 for more information.

10th Ward City Council Update, Lindsay Wallace, 10th Ward Policy Aide

The reconstruction of Hennepin Avenue, between Lake and 36th Streets, is scheduled for 2018, and an Open House is set for January 25 to discuss it.
The revised, Uptown-area Pedestrian Overlay District ordinance was approved in November by the City Council.

Reading Partners

– Reading partners is a nonprofit that works to find volunteers to tutor kids at Minneapolis Public Schools.


32nd & Fremont Intersection, Lonn Koranda- Public Works

Several neighbors were in attendance because of concern about sight lines at the 32nd & Fremont intersection. There have been many close calls and one corner is a bus stop for Kenwood Elementary School children. Cars are parked right up to the corner making it difficult to see if a vehicle is coming without pulling into the intersection. It was noted that the 32nd & Girard intersection has a similar issue.
Koranda noted that Public Works uses traffic volume counts and crash statistics to justify changes, and neither intersection warrants improvements per those measures. Traffic calming efforts such as speed bumps and temporary bump-outs were identified as a way to prevent vehicles from parking up to the corners, but Public Works has no program to implement them.
The City ordinance requires motorists to park 20-feet away from a corner, which would help the situation. Neighbors were encouraged to call 311 to report cars parked up to the intersection and other problems like traffic speeds. Koranda noted that for $200 a piece, Public Works will install signs noting the 20’ parking rule. Motion, seconded to look into the purchase of four signs with the CARAG Land Use & Transportation Committee bringing back a proposal to the February 21 CARAG meeting. Approved.

NRP Implementation Committee, Jay Lindgren

Lindgren noted that the committee is researching ways to create affordable housing in the neighborhood using NRP funds and in partnership with nonprofit developers and/or support service providers.
The Committee is proposing Plan Modifications as follows to be discussed and voted upon at the February 21 CARAG Neighborhood Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report, Brad Klein/ Scott Engel

The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account balances and register reports were available for review.
Engel presented a proposed 1-year lease for the new office at Aldrich Church at a cost of $350/ month. Motion, seconded to approve the Lease Agreement as proposed. Approved.
Engel presented a proposed 2017-2019 Community Participation Program (CPP) application detailing CARAG activities and how funds will be used. Motion, seconded to approve the CPP application as presented. Approved.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.