CARAG Board Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2018

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting
March 20, 2018
Draft Minutes

Attending: Ginny Buran, Max Ellis, Colin Harris, Brad Klein, John Kostouros, Jay Lindgren, Tricia Markle
Absent: Chris Finlay, Jason Lord

The meeting was called to order at 7:06PM.
Introductions & Announcements
• Board members and attendees introduced themselves.

Agenda & Minutes
• Motion, seconded to approve the agenda and February 20 meeting minutes,. Approved.

10th Ward City Council Update, Ron Harris- Policy Aide
• Harris reported that Council Member Bender was elected as President of the City Council, which will allow her to have influence over the City’s agen-da.
• Harris addressed priorities for the 10th Ward including 1.) pedestrian safety, 2.) affordable housing, 3.) renter protections, and 4.) addressing public safety through alternatives to policing.
• CARAG neighbors asked about the Hennepin/ Lake and Lyndale/ Lake intersections, which were identified in the recent Pedestrian Crash Study as some of the most dangerous for walkers. Harris will check with Public Works to determine the latest on the design for the Hennepin/ Lake intersection which will be reconstructed on the south side later this year. 

Bryant Square Park, Jason Green- Park Director
• Green noted that Linden Hills and Lyndal Farmstead park buildings will be closed this summer for construction with programs moving to BSP.
• BSP has been able to organize several boys and girls youth baseball/ softball teams.
• Green is organizing three “water days” events this summer on Thursday afternoons with water activities, a water slide, and slip n/ slide.
• For more info contact BSP at (612) 370-4907 or 

Neighborhoods 2020 Roadmap, Ariah Fine Neighborhood & Community Relations (NCR) Department

• Fine works for NCR and is the “Neighborhood Specialist” for CARAG and 17 other neighborhood associations. He summarized the Neighborhoods 2020 Roadmap document that describes a proposed process, timeline, and changes to how the City funds and works with neighborhood associations. The current funding scheme called Community Participation Program (CPP will expire in 2020.
• NCR wants initial feedback by April 30 with City working groups refining the details over the summer/ early fall. The department hopes a final plan will be approved by the City Council in early 2019.

Neighborhood Revitalization Committee, Jay Lindgren
• Lindgren presented guidelines for the proposed CARAG Home Security Improvements Grant Program. It would replace the CARAG Lighting Grant Program to expand safety improvements beyond just lighting such as security cameras and upgraded locks/ doors. Motion, seconded to approve the Home Security Grant Program Guidelines as proposed. Approved.

Livability & Engagement Committee:, Max Ellis
• The 21st annual CARAG Chilly Chili Fest was February 25 and the event raised almost $2,300 and collected 122lbs of food for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf. The committee is recommending that CARAG contribute $450 of unrestricted funds to support one of the BSP Water Day events scheduled this summer. Motion, Seconded to support the contribution. Approved.

CARAG Name Change Task Force, Scott Engel
• The second meeting is March 27., and the group will discuss potential names generated at the Chili Fest, door-knocking in the neighborhood, and devel-oping a survey.

Treasurer’s Report,  Scott Engel/ Brad Klein
• The CARAG Operations and NRP Administrative account reports were available through February for review.
• CARAG continues the process of moving accounts to TruStone Financial hoping to complete the process by the end of March

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 8:17PM.